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What is HOCl?

HOCl is the scientific formula for Hypochlorous Acid, a weak acid (neutral pH between 6.1 to 6.8), like that of a mild citrus juice. HOCl is also made naturally by our white blood cells in all mammals for healing and fighting infection against bacteria, fungi and viruses. HOCl is a powerful oxidant that is effective against invading bacteria, fungi, and viruses both inside the human body and the environment outside. Generating HOCl by running electricity through a solution of saltwater was discovered in 1970s even though it has been in use for over 175 years. HOCl is now used in healthcare, food safety, water treatment, and general sanitation throughout the world. HOCl also known as electrolyzed or Anolyte water is produced by electrolyzing salt water in an anode chamber of an electrolyte cell. An electro–chemical reaction takes place and it converts an aqueous solution of Sodium Chloride (salt water) into a solution known as Anolyte, or electrolyzed salt water. The solution at that point contains approximately 99.7% water and the rest is chloride salts and hypochlorous acid.

How does your product differ from other manufactures in the market?

Our hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is an EPA registered Broad Spectrum Hospital Disinfectant that becomes a major weapon in the battle for infection control, acting swiftly and safely against hazardous multi-drug resistant microbes such as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus (VRE) and Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE). This is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-caustic, non-irritant product made from environmentally safe and sustainable sources that can be used for surface disinfection and decontamination.

  • EPA registered Broad Spectrum Hospital Disinfectant
  • Kills on contact
  • 80 to 100 times greater biocidal activity than 1:10 dilution of household bleach
  • Completely non-toxic
  • Leaves no residue
  • Microorganisms cannot develop resistance

Environmental cleaning plays a key role in preventing the spread of contagious pathogens. However, many current cleaning and disinfecting practices negatively impact human health and the environment. Our product’s cleaning and disinfection process is a systematic method for environmental cleaning and disinfecting that aims at reducing harm to human health and the environment while improving the hygiene of a facilities environment.

Is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) safe to use in your home and business?

Yes absolutely! This product is completely safe to use at home or business as well as in your vehicle, public restrooms, or any other place you want to disinfect. Feel free to use this product as often as you like. We recommend using minimal protective equipment such as gloves and masks even though there are no known eye or skin irritation on humans or animals based on research studies conducted by independent labs. This product has been in use for over 170 years and has no harsh odor and leaves no residue on surfaces and need not be wiped up after use. It dries quickly and cleanly. Also, FDA has approved the use of HOCl as a No-Rinse sanitizer for food such as vegetables, fruits, poultry, meat, and seafood up to 60 ppm (FDA FCN 1811


Ophthalmologists have used HOCl as an eye drop for years at a much higher concentration than this our product. This acid has also been used on cruise ships, hospitals, and food processing plant as a surface disinfectant and dispensed using cold foggers for years. HOCl is also considered safe on animals, and plants and has been sold for years under the name “Hydrogel” and “Sterilox” in the healthcare industry.

How fast does the HOCl destroy the COVID 19 virus?

HOCl is very effective on the COVID 19 virus and it destroys it within 15 seconds after contact at a minimum concentration of 200 Parts Per Million (ppm). However, we recommend that after you properly wipe down and clean a surface, then spray the acid using a fine mist sprayer or a ULV Fogger, and then let it dry for at least 3 minutes.

What is the shelf life of this product?

If the product is kept in its original sealed bottle, the shelf life is approximately six months to a year (keep away from extreme temperature and direct sun light). When the bottle is left open, the concentration degrades with time, but it usually does not go below 200ppm 3 months.

Is the product safe to use for personal hygiene?

Yes absolutely! This product can be used as a personal hygiene product such as a hand sanitizer and as a first aid skin antiseptic spray for wound care. Some dentists even use it to irrigate root canals.

How does one dispense the product to disinfect or sanitize?

This product can be dispensed in a spray bottle with a fine mist to sanitize the air and surfaces and objects as well as through an Ultra-Light Volume (ULV) Fogger to sanitize larger areas to destroy most Aerosol Transmissible Pathogens (ATPs) in the air and surfaces including COVID 19 virus.

Is this product a diluted Bleach Solution?

Absolutely not! This product or HOCl is very different from bleach or Sodium Hypochlorite. It is different in its alkalinity (pH of 6.1 to 6.8 versus pH of 12 for bleach) and unlike bleach it is noncorrosive (HOCl’s pH is in a neutral range similar to the pH of human skin), has no strong odor, leaves no residue, and it does not irritate the eyes or the skin.

What is the alkalinity or pH level of this product?

The PH Level of this product ranges between 6.1 to 6.8pH.

How fast can I receive this product?

This product can be shipped express overnight, standard overnight, or regular ground (3-5 days) to most destinations within the US. International shipments take longer and are quoted on a case by case basis. Local Bay Area delivery is also available.

How should one dispense the product?

This product can be dispensed in a spray bottle of varying sizes to sanitize surfaces and objects as well as through an Ultra-Light Volume (ULV) Fogger or a handheld electric paint sprayer to sanitize larger areas to destroy most Aerosol Transmissible Pathogens (ATPs) and most importantly the COVID 19 virus.

Is the ULV fogger portable?

Yes, it is with a 10 feet long plug in cord.

Can the HOCl be used on all surfaces?

Yes, it can be used on all surfaces at a concentration of less than 500ppm without causing any damage.

How long do we hold the fogger over surfaces?

Hold time is only 2-3 seconds and then you must let it dry without wiping for at least 3 minutes. Also, please note that the fogger should only be used when there are no customers in the business and it is mainly used to fog the entire facility (morning before you open, at lunch time (optional), and at the end of the day. You can also fog staff members up, down, front, and back, when they arrive in the morning before they enter the work area, and when returning from lunch and again anytime they leave the facility.