Disinfection Gate System with Touchless temperature Reader

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This fogging system uses NaturaWays' Hy natural disinfectant. Purchase here.

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NaturaWays Disinfection Gate system with an optional temperature scanner, is an excellent solution for screening and disinfecting anyone entering a facility. This product has been widely used all over the globe and it is FDA approved for the US market. We provide this unit with a 2-year manufacturer warranty and a local service guaranty. This system is available for both purchase and rental.

Infrared temperature measurement equipped with sounds and light alarm:

Non-contact temperature measurement can be performed by using high precision industrial infrared spectrum sensor and calibrated by black body radiation source. It is fast and reliable, can effectively avoid cross-infection, and can collect body temperature in real time. The features include peak extraction, contrast output, signal lights, and buzzers alert.

Automatic induction spray function: This device is equipped with a microwave movement object sensor that detects anyone entering the gate and starts the fogging machine by itself and sprays our all-natural/non-hazardous disinfectant (AX275) to combat COVID 19.

Food grade disinfectant: Our disinfectant AX275, with an active ingredient as Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is an approved EPA No-Rinse Food Sanitizer. This means it is safe to even ingest. In other words our unique and natural disinfectant used in this equipment is not only effective on COVID 19 and over 800 other pathogenic organisms and viruses, it is also safe on food,water, meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and fruits. It is also safe on human skin and clothing, and does not cause any corrosion, discoloration, skin irritation, or sensitization whatsoever. This solution is manufactured in accordance with the International PM value ratio to ensure human health and safety.

Device status remind function: This status reminder function notifies the user when levels of the disinfectant gets low, and will light up other state displays so the operator can accurately evaluate the status of equipment operation in real time. Fogging mechanism is also equipped with an anti-dry burning function, that can effectively prevent the improper operation of the equipment and avoiding damage.

Automatic supply solution function: The automatic rehydration equipment is equipped with 20L large capacity liquid storage tank, which can automatically rehydrate the atomizing tank, reduce the workload of operators, and can be used for more than one day without refilling.

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