Handheld Rechargeable Electrostatic Sprayer/Fogger

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This electric Handheld Rechargeable Electrostatic Sprayer/Fogger is a commercial grade cold fogger that is built to last with a 2-year warranty on all parts and labor originally designed for farmers and pest control companies.

This is a perfect way to apply the HOCl in a large building and covering it in a few minutes effectively. It is a plug in with a 10 feet long power cord that is US compatible. It has a 10-liter tank and an adjustable spray nozzle. It weighs 3 lbs. empty and 8 lbs. full.

It can also be partially filled for a lighter weight experience. Spray hold time over any space is only 2-3 seconds and then you must let the HOCl dry for at least 10 minutes without wiping to be fully effective on COVID 19 according to the manufacturer.

Also, remember that this fogger is recommended to be used when there are no customers in the facility, and it is mainly used to fog the entire facility very quickly. We recommend fogging the entire facility after normal cleaning with the same acid in a spray bottle and microfiber cloths in morning before the contractors begin work, and at the end of the day when they are leaving the job site. You can also fog individual workers when they arrive in the morning and again when they leave the facility to go to lunch or home (up and down, front, and back very quickly).

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