EPA N List Reg. # 93908-1 4x1 gal case

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Natural Surface Cleaner/Deodarizer spray to destroy COVID-19 virus on surface and in air, yet safe for humans and animals.

Our approved manufacture produces a natural but effective product called Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) here in the US. This product is the only brand that is an EPA Registered Hospital Surface Disinfectant (see attached dossier with the Safety Data Sheets and the EPA Registration proof).

At 200+ppm, this environmentally friendly solution is effective against COVID 19. At 50-60ppm, HOCl is an FDA approved N0-Rinse food sanitizer under another brand name (see attached), therefore, completely safe to use in food processing plants, restaurants, bars, or any other facility. We’ve been selling it to healthcare professionals such as dentists and physicians for a few months now and they have been extremely happy with the results.

The non-toxic, non-irritant, non-corrosive (6.5-7pH = neutral) and biodegradable nature of this solution is the key differentiation. It is completely safe on animals, plants, and can be used as a hand sanitizer and a mouth rinse by anyone. Ophthalmologists have been using HOCl as an eye drop at over 500ppm concentration for years. This product comes in two strengths, 275, and 525ppm. Some clients like to use a stronger concentration than the 275 so they order the 525. The AX 275 is ready to use out of the bottle whereas the AX 525 can be diluted 1 to 2 parts water or used in full strength.

Watch what these doctors say about the use of HOCl in healthcare against COVID 19:

Independent webinar on COVID 19 done by Lisa Germain, DDS, MScD (very well-known Endodontist) & Leslie Fang, MD (Infectious Disease Specialist)

Recommending HOCl as the best disinfectant and cold fogging as the best application method against COVID 19 (you must fill out a quick registration before viewing):

Korean Implant Manufacturer, MegaGen’s CEO, Dr. Park’s webinar on COVID 19 for dental practices

Recommending HOCl as the best disinfectant and fogging as the best application method against COVID 19:

Safety Data Sheet

EPA Guidelines

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